Geetha Reddy

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Ferzacca, S., Naidoo, N., Wang, M., Reddy, G. & van Dam, R. (2013) “Sometimes they'll tell me what they want”: Exploring the Role of Family and Others in Food Decisions of Singaporean Women. Appetite. 69,156-67.

Wang, M., Naidoo, N., Ferzacca, S., Reddy, G. & van Dam, R. (2014) The changing role of women in food provision and food choice decision-making in a rapidly changing Asian economy. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. 53(6), 658-77.

Corti, K. C., Reddy, G., Choi, E. & Gillespie, A., (2015). The Researcher as Experimental Subject: Using Self-Experimentation to Access Experiences, Understand Social Phenomena, and Stimulate Reflexivity. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science49(2), 288-308.

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Reader, T. W., Reddy, G., Brett, S. (2017) Impossible Decision? An investigation of risk trade-offs in the intensive care unit. Ergonomics. 16, 1-12.

Under Review

Reddy, G. To be or not to be? Racial ascription and private identity construction among multi-racial Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Under Review as part of PhD thesis

Reddy, G., Gleibs, I. & Howarth, C. Private and Public Racial identities among multi-racial individuals: how everyday engagements with government policy shapes racial construction.

Reddy, G. &  Gleibs, I. The endurance and contestations of colonial construction of race among Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Reddy, G. & Gleibs, I. The dynamic constructions of racial and national identity across contexts: a case study among Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Reddy, G. & Howarth, C. Race rules: The analysis of socio-political context when studying race in multicultural societies.

In preparation

Reddy, G. What do I bring to the table? A practical guide for tackling reflexivity in social psychological research.

Reddy, G. Broadening global understandings of identity using South and Southeast Asian perspectives. (Book Chapter invitation for book edited by Dr Byron Adams & Prof. Fons van de Vijver)