Geetha Reddy

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Ferzacca, S., Naidoo, N., Wang, M., Reddy, G. & van Dam, R. (2013) “Sometimes they'll tell me what they want”: Exploring the Role of Family and Others in Food Decisions of Singaporean Women. Appetite. 69,156-67.

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Corti, K. C., Reddy, G., Choi, E. & Gillespie, A., (2015). The Researcher as Experimental Subject: Using Self-Experimentation to Access Experiences, Understand Social Phenomena, and Stimulate Reflexivity. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science49(2), 288-308.

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Under Review

Reddy, G. To be or not to be? Racial ascription and private identity construction among multi-racial Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Under Review as part of PhD thesis

Reddy, G., Gleibs, I. & Howarth, C. Private and Public Racial identities among multi-racial individuals: how everyday engagements with government policy shapes racial construction.

Reddy, G. &  Gleibs, I. The endurance and contestations of colonial construction of race among Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Reddy, G. & Gleibs, I. The dynamic constructions of racial and national identity across contexts: a case study among Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Reddy, G. & Howarth, C. Race rules: The analysis of socio-political context when studying race in multicultural societies.

In preparation

Reddy, G. Who am I? A practical guide for tackling reflexivity in social psychological research

Reddy, G. South and Southeast Asian perspectives on Identity